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Law Office of Elizabeth N. Niemi

Family Law, Appeals and Writs, Mediation, and Collaborative Practice
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T. Benning, San Diego:
"I had the good fortune of stumbling across Elizabeth by accident when I was looking for an attorney to handle a move away case. I was a young, unemployed, and single mother of a toddler who had a job offer elsewhere in California. However, a judge had halted my move because my son's father had contested it. I cannot begin to explain how worried and concerned I was over absolutely everything. During this time, I could not have asked for a more supportive, communicative, and effective attorney by my side. Because of Elizabeth’s unwavering commitment to my case, her professional talent, and her ability to help me understand what was in my son’s best interests from other perspectives, my 4-year old son is flourishing, the relationship with my son’s father has been healed, and we are in the best place of our entire lives."

S. Rowe, Folsom:
"I have found Elizabeth Niemi to be extremely thorough, professional, diligent, and knowledgeable of the law. She has handled my case with care and compassion and has always responded to my concerns quickly. She represented me in a very difficult custody case, successfully.  I highly recommend her services.”

Ognian Gavrilov, Gavrilov Law Corporation, Sacramento:
"Elizabeth Niemi has provided excellent service and care in handling the legal matter I hired her for.  She has an extensive legal knowledge and is easy to communicate with. I was also impressed by the high ethical standard with which she runs her practice. It will be hard to find a more pragmatic and passionate attorney in town."
C. Athena Roussos, Esq., Elk Grove:
"I've had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth Niemi for several years now on a variety of family law cases. I believe Elizabeth is the best family law attorney in the Sacramento area. She is the person I turn to when I have a family law question. Elizabeth puts her all into each and every case. She is smart, professional, passionate, and represents her clients well. Elizabeth is particularly good at managing complex and high-conflict cases, especially in the area of child custody. I highly recommend her for any family law case - large or small."
Dr. S. Rassadi, Indianapolis, IN:
“I got introduced to Mrs. Niemi through BART website; I was initially a little worried since it was a random selection, and also because it was my first time I needed legal aid. During the first conversation I felt very comfortable mostly due to her professional approach. This continued throughout the process.  I found her to be very honest, knowledgeable and also resourceful. She was also very quick with communications, which helped a lot to take the stresses away. I should add that she was very fair and flexible with the charges. She also has a very efficient team working with her, who I found as professional. Surprisingly, I never met her and all communications happened through phone calls and email; I think this by itself says a lot.  In cases like mine, and probably most family cases, I believe there is no winning or losing, but you definitely need a good lawyer to help you though the process and save you from future hassles. I thank her for her great work.”

P. Paunovich, Sacramento:
“My experience with the attorney Ms. Niemi was all positive and exceeded my expectations in regard to her professional expertise in the field of family law, experience and smarts in my particular case, her excellent logic and advice. I was more than satisfied for choosing her as my attorney to look into and finalize my case which was dragging in quite unfavorable terms for me due to my naive lack of knowledge about divorce procedure. From the very first meeting she left impression of energetic, courteous and kind person who instilled confidence and feeling of certainty that my case will be well looked after.  I was impressed by her negotiating skills with opposing attorney and I firmly believe she has gotten me the best deal possible.  So I highly recommend Ms. Niemi as family law attorney and negotiator as an excellent person for a stressful and emotional experience of a civil divorce in the court of law.”

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